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Mahakaruna Foundation supports Buddhist education programs at the eastern Tibetan institutes listed below. All these monasteries have long histories, with Chagdud Gonpa dating back over 800 years, and today they continue their programs of religious arts and education. Physical conditions can be very challenging, especially in winter, and there is an ongoing need for sponsorship of basics such as food, housing, robes and texts. All donations are greatly appreciated, regardless of amount.

  • Chagdud Gonpa -- the mother monastery in Asia of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation in the West. The higher education program 'shedra' offers a traditional Tibetan-language training in philosophy. Here the system has been expanded to accommodate not only monks, but also nuns and lay people, who have no other access to this level of education.

  • Nyoshul Gompa -- the seat of revered Dzogchen masters Khenpo Ngagchung and Khenpo Lungtog Tenpai Nyima, and home to about 200 nuns and 80 monks, this monastery has for generations produced yogis and scholars of great renown and continues to offer education at the highest level.

  • Tromge Gompa -- Chagdud Rinpoche's family lineage monastery which was rebuilt in the 1980s and now houses about 80 monastics. In addition to offring general monastic training, in 2006 a children's school was esta.blished and is now providing basic education for about 23 children.

  • Tenphel Gompa -- monastery under the direction of Tenphel Changmo Tulku and also home of the dakini Thrinley Wangmo. The monastery is fortunate to have both a shedra (higher education college) and a drubdra (retreat center)




Like scholarship, realization gained in meditation retreat is an essential element of the Buddhist path. The designated retreat space in Tibetan monasteries is called a 'drubdra' (place of accomplishment) and traditionally retreats run for at least three years, with closed boundaries, and practices under the direction of a retreat master who offers teachings and guidance. Ongoing support to clothe and feed the retreatants at the following monasteries supported by Mahakaruna is estimated at $20 per person per month:

  • Chagdud Gompa

  • Tromge Gompa

  • Nyoshul Gompa

  • Tenphel Gompa



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